Tips on how to have Healthy Teeth

It’s very important that everyone in your family has healthy teeth and gums. Other than needing teeth to be able to chew your food properly, teeth simply help brighten your smile.

Together with good oral care and regular dental checkups, here are some simple tips to keep your teeth strong and healthy:

  1. Brush at least twice daily and floss daily. We recommend brushing after every meal. Use a toothbrush with smaller head to access the back of the teeth better. Ones with softer bristles will be easier on your gums.

  2. Use Fluoride toothpaste but not too much. Fluoride helps to harden tooth enamel, making it less likely to decay.

  3. Brush thoroughly. Brush between two to three minutes to ensure teeth and gums have been properly cleaned.

  4. Start children early. Its best to start on the good habits early and they are more likely to carry on with that as they grow older. Start with Dental Care of your little one as soon as child’s first tooth appears. This simply can be done by wiping tooth with clean, damp cloth and slowing progressing to soft tooth brush. Kids can usually start learning to brush themselves from the age of about 3 years, although some could start earlier while others can take little bit longer.

  5. Limit sugary and acidic drinks and foods. Food Acids dissolve the minerals in tooth enamel causing cavities.

  6. Protect your teeth from injuries. Wear mouthguards when playing sports, riding bikes etc or in any activity where there are chances of injuries to your teeth.

  7. Avoid using teeth to open drink bottles or crack nuts. These activities or similar could chip or break your teeth.